A democratic candidate for Ohio House office visits Marietta

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- Taylor Sappington is currently a Nelsonville City Councilman.

He's running for Ohio’s' 94th House District Representative seat.

He's currently the only candidate that has publicly announced interest in running for this spot, but others have time since the deadline isn't until February.

On Monday, he and his team stopped at Jeremiah’s coffee house in downtown Marietta for their second stop on their listening tour.

He talked with locals about issues that affect the community like health care and the opioid crisis.

In the future, he and his team will also be stopping by Nelsonville, Belpre, Pomeroy, and Albany for the tour.

Democratic representative, Taylor Sappington, explains the purpose of the listening tour. "We wanted to start the campaign off different than most politicians. Most politicians want to start off with a speech and some sort of script. We wanted to a listening tour through the area. So that we know, not only what are the important issues happening right now but what we can do to help empower those people who may not have a voice in Columbus but they can have a voice here."

Republican Jay Edwards currently holds the position.

Primaries will start in May and the general election will be six months later in November.

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