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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- For the 29th year, EVE Incorporated held their annual chocolate party.

Robin Bozian, a board member of EVE Incorporated, said, “We’ve been doing this since, I believe, 1989.So we have had it at various other places and this is a home that we have found for the last few years and we’ve enjoyed that.”

For the 2nd year in a row, chocolate lovers gathered at Glenwood Retirement Community in Marietta.

Those with a sweet tooth could indulge in all types of delicious treats while raising money for those in need.

“What is fabulous about this is that its local dollars which we can use to match federal and state dollars; so just about every dollar we get here brings in 2,3,4 dollars from other places. So it’s a great way for the community to support EVE, have fun and eat till their hearts content. I like donating an ice sculpture to this event every year,” said Bozian.

Guests could enjoy treats like rich chocolate cakes, homemade candies, and even chocolate covered cherries shaped like mice!
“The cherry mice, that Judge Burnworth donated, they are almost all gone already and it’s not even been half an hour. So obviously that was a big hit,” explained Bozian.

All creations were donated by individuals or businesses in the area.
Also donated was an ice sculpture by Marietta’s well known ice sculpture Tyson.

Tyson Whistler, Glenwood’s Executive Chef, says, “I believe this is the 3rd time I’ve done this ice sculpture. It’s going for a great cause and it’s nice to open Glenwood Community to the public and give everyone the opportunity to come enjoy chocolate; a little treat right before the Valentine’s day holiday.”

Many there walked in with empty plates but walked out with a pile of goodies to enjoy.

Bozian says, “The choices of chocolate are just all over the place. You’ve got all types of great stuff for people to eat and enjoy.”

Coordinators say almost 300 people attended and over $3,000 dollars was raised.

The money raised will benefit domestic and sexual abuse victims in the community.

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