AT&T Foundation donates $8,000 to Washington State Community College for College Ready Project

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Tuesday afternoon a hefty donation was made to ensure high school students are receiving proper preparation for college.

AT&T was joined by Congressman Bill Johnson at Washington State Community College.

They presented a new $8,000 contribution from the AT&T Foundation to Washington State to support the College Ready Project.

“With the College Readiness Project, we’ve seen multiple high schools working together with higher education leaders to address critical needs that we have in Math and in English education,” says President Vicky Wood, of Washington State Community College.

This project is coordinated by college and the Ohio Valley Educational Service Center.

"Primarily we want to reduce the number of students who require remediation English Language Arts and Mathematics when they get to college,” says Chris Keylor, Superintendent of the Ohio Valley Education Services Center. “There’s a cost to that, not only financial and tuition, but also in success and opportunities for our students."

This donation will help students in the OVESC’s twelve local school districts and two career centers, to receive additional classes or tutoring to ensure they are prepared for college.