Active police impersonation investigation in Washington County

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol and Washington County Sheriff's Office have teamed up for a joint investigation into a white male posing as a police officer, in the Belpre area.

The agencies have been made aware of two separate incidents so far, both individuals women.

Authorities say they were stopped by a white vehicle.

According to Facebook posts, the first incident occurred last week, (posted November 22nd) claiming the woman was pulled over on State Route 339.

The woman described the impersonator as a white male, 6 feet tall, 200 lbs, wearing a trooper uniform with a fake badge, and driving an unmarked white charger style vehicle.

Another woman expressed that a white male, late 30's mid 40's pulled her over in a dodge charger with red lights on State Route 7, November 27th.

OSHP wants you to know what you can do to keep yourself safe, if you are put in this incident.

Lt. Chris Chesar says, "Understandably so at night if you see flashing lights you're going to pull over. If the person approaches your vehicle does not appear to be an officer, ask for their identification. If they are not in any type of uniform at all we would suggest they call #677 or 911 to confirm that this is an actual officer stopping, because a dispatcher will know that an officer will be stopping that person."

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has two different types of uniforms that you see on you your screen here.

If you’re still unsure, authorities say pull into a safe location. Patrolmen for all agencies try to make their stops in a safe location for their safety as well. You may also request identification from an officer.
You’re advised to call #677 or 911 to confirm with dispatch.

The surrounding local law enforcement agencies have been notified to look for the white vehicle during this active investigation.