Wood County school students will NOT have to make up days lost to Camden Avenue fire

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Update: 11/10/2017 4:45 P.M.

The West Virginia Department of Education has forgiven the days Wood County Schools were closed during the IEI Plastics fire in late October.

That means students will not have to make up those days during the current school year, as they would days school is closed due to inclement weather.


Air-quality testing done in Wood County schools in the aftermath of the ongoing fire at the IEI Plastics warehouse shows no problems in any of the 28 buildings where testing was done.

WTAP obtained the results of air testing performed inside Wood County Schools buildings on Oct. 25-26 from the Wood County Board of Education through a Freedom of Information request.

The testing performed by the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health showed no "findings of smoke impacts to the indoor air of any Wood County Schools buildings."

CTEH is the same contractor hired by Wood County officials to test air quality at different locations in the Mid-Ohio Valley in the aftermath of the fire, which began about 12:30 a.m. last Saturday.

According to the document obtained by WTAP, the testing showed no volatile organic compounds or carbon monoxide in any of the 28 buildings tested.

The monitoring also measured fire and smoke particulate matter in the buildings.

"No observation of odors indicative of fire smoke were noted at any time during the indoor air monitoring activities," the report said.

The monitoring was done at multiple locations in each building.

School officials say crews will be working throughout the weekend to change roughly 1,000 air filters in BOE buildings.

Schools are expected to reopen on Monday after being closed for five days because of the fire.

The report and test results from individual buildings can be viewed in the .PDF file "Wood County Schools Indoor Air Monitoring Report 10-27-2017" under the "Related Documents" section of this story.