Apple Butter Stir-Off in Belpre

BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - A local tradition of more than 35 years returned to the Mid-Ohio Valley, to the delight of apple lovers.
The apple butter stir-off festival took place at Civitan Park in Belpre. The process of making the butter involves cutting and boiling apples, making them into apple sauce and then cooking it over the fire for multiple hours. Members of the Pioneer Presbyterian Church have the honors of stirring the apples every year.

The lions club helped put on the event, with the proceeds going towards K-9 companies for wounded veterans.

Maggie Webster helps organize the apple butter stirring. She said, "We sold out yesterday so they're waiting today, maybe for fresh apple butter once we get it canned in a couple of hours. I will add to that, with the apple sauce that’s in there right now we add sugar, cinnamon red drops to give it some color and some cinnamon oil. Once its thick enough and three of us agree that it tastes good, we can it.” She says the flavor is, “cinnamon-y, sweet [and] apple-y… People like it on biscuits, corn bread, toast, I like to use it over a pork roast, makes it nice and moist and delicious".

The stirrers encouraged the public to try to stir the apple butter as well, and even our reporter covering the story gave it a shot herself.

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