April Mom of the Month

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The WTAP Mom of the Month for April is Helen Nolan of Marietta.

For Helen Nolan, family is what matters most.
Through sixty-two years of marriage, including sixty in the same Marietta home, she and her husband, Junior Nolan, have raised a son and daughter.

Now, in their retirement years, they're focusing on their extended family.
That includes grandchildren, great-grand children, and great-great grandchildren.

Helen says she's blessed to have such a family that supports her and her husband as they grow older.

"They all love me. I love them. They help us out a lot. I mean, they're always here for us."

Randy Nolan discusses why he nominated his mother for the award:

"We all love our mother and grandmother. And I took time and wrote a letter. They chose her for Mom of the Month and I really appreciate that. But she's always mom of the month to me every day of the year."

To make the day more special, Helen received a beautiful bouquet from Crown Floral in Parkersburg, and a free massage certificate from New Image Aesthetics Med Spa.

To nominate your mom for WTAP's "Mom of the Month" contest, register for free at the link under "Related Links."

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