As smoke from Ames Plant sticks around, hospitals start to see more patients

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- As the smoke continues to cause problems in the Mid-Ohio Valley, emergency campuses are starting to see the affects.

Medics at the Belpre Medical Campus began the morning with more patients coming in with symptoms thought to be caused by the smoke.

Officials say they have seen a small influx and expect to see more, mostly in areas near the fire.

Health officials stress the importance of taking precautions and to stay indoors if possible.

Jennifer Offenberger, Associate Vice President Marketing and Service Excellence at Marietta Memorial Health, states “Our Belpre Medical Campus, emergency department, has begun to see a small influx of patients this morning that are complaining about some repertory issues; headaches, short of breath, dizziness and so at this time we are treating those symptoms. We just recommend that if you have concerns about your health or a current health condition that you use precaution.”

Officials want to make sure the public knows that emergency campuses in Belpre, Marietta, and Parkersburg are open.

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