Washington County Sheriff warns of 'IRS' phone scam seeking payment with iTunes gift cards

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Over the last three weeks the Washington County Sheriff's Office has received several calls about a new type of scam floating around.

The scam artist claims to be the IRS asking you to pay them with iTunes gift cards.

When a fraudulent caller convinces someone to pay this way, the victim is told to go to a store, purchase an iTunes gift card, load money onto it and then provide the 16-digit code on the back of the card.

This can be done by phone call, text or email. Sometimes, the crook will stay on the phone with the victim as they go to the store and buy the card.

Authorities stress the IRS will not call, text or email an individual; they only notify a person by mail.

If you believe you are being scammed you are encouraged to call 800-829-1040, or contact your local law enforcement.