Wood BOE unanimously approves Hosaflook as new superintendent

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - UPDATE: 05/18/18 10 A.M.

The Wood County Board of Education unanimously approved hiring Ripley High School Principal William Hosaflook as its new superintendent of schools.

Hosaflook, who takes over on July 1, will be paid $149,000 in the first year of the three-year contract. His salary will go to $150,500 in year two, and $152,000 in year three.

Current Superintendent John Flint has been paid $120,000 annually, according to Board President Lawrence Hasbargen, who pointed out that this is the first bump in pay for the superintendent in 11 years.

Board members conducted two separate 5-0 votes at Friday morning's meeting - the first approving Hosaflook's appointment to the job and the second approving the new contract.

UPDATE: 05/17/2018, 6:30 P.M.

On Thursday, WTAP spoke to the new Wood County Schools Superintendent, William Hosaflook, about his plans for the new role.

Hosaflook has been the principal at Ripley High School for seven years, and was also Assistant Principal and a teacher at Ripley High School before that.

He graduated from Ripley High School in 1996 and went on to play football at Marshall University, where he was a four-year Letterman.

He immediately returned to Ripley to teach after college and worked as an AP Psychology teacher.

He had the highest passage rate in the state of West Virginia.

Hosaflook says he's excited and honored to be named wood county superintendent.

"I'm just so happy and so elated that the Wood County Board of Education, the community of Wood County, is going to give me this opportunity. And I can promise I will not let anyone down. I am a relentless worker and things, you will start seeing things change in the future and my goal, my ultimate goal, is Wood County will be the number one county school system in the state of West Virginia."

Tomorrow morning, the Wood County Board of Education will vote on terms of Hosaflook's employment contract.

UPDATE: 05/16/18 3:05 P.M.

The Wood County Board of Education has scheduled a meeting for 9 a.m. Friday to vote on a contract for a new superintendent.

The Board has offered the position to Ripley High School Principal William P. Hosaflook. He was among five finalists for the job.

According to the agenda sent to media, the contract would be for three years, beginning on July 1.

Friday's meeting will be at the board’s central office located at 1210 13th St., Parkersburg.

Hosaflook would replace current Superintendent John Flint, whose contract was not renewed by the board.

The Wood County Board of Education has offered the superintendent position to William Hosaflook.

He is currently the principal of Ripley High School.

Update: 5/12/2018 6:00 P.M.

Their comments differed, but four candidates to be the next superintendent of Wood County Schools lamented statistics saying that, for all of its resources, Wood County is not among the top school systems in West Virginia.

"I hope I would be able, through courageous conversations, to move the county in that direction," said Dr. Eddie Campbell, Tucker County Schools Superintendent. "And, at some point, when U.S. News and World Report releases their top schools in West Virginia, we're going to see Parkersburg, Parkersburg South and Williamstown High School at the top of that list."

Another administrator said Wood, and other school systems, need to move beyond an education system developed during the 19th century, and, as have others across the country, one in line with modern technology.

"You don't see classrooms with desks in rows," said William Hosaflook, Principal, Ripley High School, of various schools elsewhere in the nation. "You see kids branching out, being creative, innovative, learning. Because they want to learn, not because the teacher says you have to learn."

A candidate already in the school system says not all of the employees are in line with what it needs to improve.

"As physics teaches us, if we have vectors in opposing directions, those things cancel each other out," said John McKown, Math and Science Coordinator, Wood County Schools. "And even though everybody is rowing hard, we need to be rowing in the same direction."

Only one candidate addressed the ongoing issue of athletic facilities. He says sponsorships and non-profit corporations helped finance similar facilities in his county.

"We built a world-class, state-of-the-art facility for $1.7 million when we were told it would be $3.5," according to Jeffrey Woofter, Superintendent, Barbour County Schools. "We need to look to innovative ways to spend dollars to do the most we can with what little we have."

The board of education could announce the new superintendent as soon as Tuesday.

Update: 5/9/2018 5:31 P.M.

Come July, not only will the Wood County school system have a new superintendent, its board of education will have three new members.

Debbie Hendershot, Justin Raber and Rick Olcott were elected to the board Tuesday.

But it's the current board-including two members who lost re-election bids Tuesday-that will have the task of the new leader of the county schools.

That process continues Saturday, when the current board will be interviewing the five remaining candidates.

One of the new board members, in response to a question, told us Wednesday she will attend that public session, and hopes to have input on the new superintendent.

"I don't know if it's feasible or not," Hendershot said, "but I would like to sit in on those interviews, or at least be given the applications or resumes, so we can get an idea who we're talking to, or who we're asking questions to-on Saturday."

Remaining board members Ron Tice and Rick Tennant told us Wednesday they believe they can work with the new members.

Tennant says he saw them at a "Meet The Candidates" event recently, and thought they had good ideas about the future of the schools.

UPDATE: 5/8/2018, 3:14 P.M.

The Wood County Board of Education has released the names of five finalists it will interview for the Superintendent position.

The search, which is being coordinated by the West Virginia School Board Association, started after the Wood County School Board voted in February not to renew current Superintendent John Flint's contract, which ends on June 30, 2018.

A total of 13 people applied for the position, but one of the applicants has since been hired as a superintendent for another school district.

The Wood County Board of Education selected the following five applicants to interview for the Superintendent position:

James G. Brown, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Pleasants County Schools
(Dr.) Eddie R. Campbell Jr., Tucker County Schools Superintendent
William P. Hosaflook, Principal Ripley High School
John McKown, Curriculum Coordinator, Wood County Schools
Jeffrey P. Woofter, Barbour County Schools Superintendent.

The schedule for interviewing and hiring the next Wood County Schools Superintendent is as follows:

Saturday, May 12 at 9:00 A.M. - Meet and Greet session with all 5 finalists at Parkersburg High School - Each applicant will have 10 minutes to give remarks and answer 3 questions by the public.
Saturday, May 12 at Noon - All five finalists will have structured interview with the Wood County Board of Education members.
Week of May 14: A finalist will be chosen and will be announced.

The hiring process must be completed before June 1, because West Virginia state law requires each school board to set their superintendent's annual salary before June 1 each year.

The new Wood County Schools Superintendent will officially start work on July 1, 2018.

UPDATE: 5/2/2018, 9:55 A.M.

Wood County Superintendent of Schools John Flint has released the names of 13 people who applied to succeed him as superintendent.

One applicant - Robin Lewis, principal of Burnsville Elementary School in Braxton County, has already withdrawn, having accepted another position, according to Howard O'Cull, executive director of the West Virginia School Board Association.

O'Cull is serving as the search coordinator in efforts to find a replacement for Flint after the board of education chose not to renew his contract in February.

The new superintendent is expected to begin work on July 1.

Of the 12 remaining applicants, 11 are from West Virginia and one is from Virginia.

They are::

-- James G. Brown, director of curriculum and instruction, Pleasants County Schools.
-- Eddie R. Campbell Jr., superintendent of Tucker County schools.
--David E. Dilly, superintendent, Braxton County schools.
-- Wesley Ezell, director of instructional services, Doddridge County schools.
-- Thomas Graves, chief-financial officer/instructor, Halifax County schools, Abingdon, Va.
-- William P. Hosaflook, principal, Ripley High School, Jackson County
-- John McKown, curriculum coordinator, Wood County schools.
-- John Merritt, administrator of federal programs, Wood County schools.
-- Darlene M. Parsons, principal, VanDevender Middle School.
-- David E. Pastrick, retired superintendent, Preston County schools.
-- Leatha G. Williams, director of assessments and accountability/director of food service, Braxton County schools.
-- Jeffrey P. Woofter, superintendent, Barbour County schools.

UPDATE: 05/01/18 3:50 P.M.

The search for a new superintendent for Wood County schools takes another step forward.

Board of Education President Lawrence Hasbargen said Tuesday afternoon the board has received a list of 12 applicants for the position.

The names and other information about those who have applied has not been made public.

Dr. Howard O’Cull, executive director of the West Virginia School Board Association helped lead the search, and Hasbargen says it’s up to him to release information about the applicants.

The deadline to apply for the position was April 27.

Hasbargen board members will begin screening applications at a special meeting 6:30 p.m. on May 7 at the central office located at 1210 13th St., Parkersburg. Discussions about the applicants will be held in executive session.

After that, Hasbargen says the applicants will be invited to a meet-and-greet at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Parkersburg High School auditorium.

Board members will then decide who they would like to interview. Those interviews will be held at noon at the central office.

Once an applicant is chosen, Hasbargen says officials will begin salary negotiations.

The successful applicant will be replacing current Superintendent John Flint whose last day on the job is June 30.

Board members decided in February not to renew his contract.

The search has begun for a new superintendent of Wood County schools.

Wednesday night, board members held a special public session to gather input from residents.

For an hour at the Wood County Schools building, the floor was open for public comment and input into the process.

Each of 15 speakers gave their expectations and priorities for a new superintendent to replace John Flint, whose contract was not renewed.

Board members listened and took note of concerns from professionals, parents, teachers, candidates for the school board, social-services groups and more.

"I think this is the sort of feedback exactly what the board was looking for," moderator Tom Heywood said. " I'd like to commend every speaker for your articulation and your thoughtfulness. Everyone in the room for the consideration and respect that you have shown to everyone in the room. I think that really enhanced the productiveness of the session."

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