Band Organ Rally takes over Downtown Marietta

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If you were in Marietta this weekend, you may have heard the tunes of mechanical music.

That's because the annual Band Organ Rally, put on by the Mid-America Chapter of the Musical Box Society, made a stop in Washington County.

This hobby is combined with history, mechanics and of course music.

The crank organs filled the streets, downtown Friday and Saturday.

All mechanically played, you could find anything from band organs to monkey organs.

As the group travels all around the area a little restoration and fine tuning is all the organs need to play.

"The humidity and the heat changes the tune a lot so the first thing you do is come out and tune your organ and get it ready to go," says B Bronson of Dundee, MI.

Each member brings something special to the Mid-America Chapter. Together they make a difference to the treasure of mechanical music.

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