Williamstown Police Department raising money in 'Beards for Bucks'

WILLIAMSTOWN, W. Va. The Williamstown Police Department is taking the creative route to raise money.

In the month of November, 6 officers in the Williamstown PD are growing out their beards in an effort to raise funds for its upgraded work space.

At the end of November, photos of each officer will be uploaded the department's facebook page. Then the public can decide who the winner is by donating to the respective officer.

Police Chief Shawn Graham said, "Overall the winners of the contest are going to be the city of Williamstown and the Williamstown Police Department because we're raising money that otherwise the city would be spending."

This is the second year the department is partaking in this type of fundraiser. Last year, it raised $14,000. Police Chief Graham says he hopes the upgraded work space will be completed by the end of December.

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