Belmont firefighter placed in Fallen Firemen Memorial

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BELMONT, W.Va. (WTAP)- A Pleasants county fireman was honored over the weekend by being placed in the fallen firemen memorial.

Firefighter Edward Malone died back in 1968 during a routine fire drill.

Years later, Malone’s daughter and family worked close to 5 years making phone calls and writing an autobiography to get their father placed in the fallen firemen memorial down in Charleston.

Malone’s daughter says his memory has been honored through numerous pavers and bricks throughout Pleasants County and in the national “walk of honor” for fallen firefighters.

Betty Smith, daughter of Edward Malone, explains how he passed away and who all helped get his name into the memorial. “My dad went in full gear for a rescue with a mother and a baby. And my dad passed away immediately during this fire drill with a heart attack. So with the help of the Belmont fire department, Will Crothers, TJ Bloemen, and Bob Riggs we got it done. “

The memorial took place over the weekend in Charleston where Edward Malone was finally honored for his service.

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