Belpre police fine ordinance to be reworked

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BELPRE, Oh.-(WTAP) A proposal before Belpre City Council to fine residents and property owners for repeated police responses to residents is being reworked.

The ordinance was pulled before its scheduled third and final reading at Monday night's city council meeting.

Mayor Mike Lorentz says it's been determined the measure needs to be re-worded before it is voted on by council.

He notes some incidents require a police response, but others don't.

"We've had, and I've seen it myself, people coming off, or once you give them Narcan, they get violent," the mayor said Tuesday. "The paramedics can't handle a case like that, so it's an array of things."

But they don't all require having the police in?, we asked.

"Not all of them, no."

Lorentz says, in some cases, off-duty officers have been called out when there are a large number of calls: again, he says, when the situations could have been resolved without law enforcement.

Athough the wording of the ordinance pulled from consideration referred to the charge as a "user fee", Lorentz says a fine would be a more accurate description.