Belpre's New Kidney Dialysis Clinic Opening in 2018

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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP)- A kidney dialysis clinic will be opening its doors in early 2018.

Construction crews started this development a little over a year ago and the improvements have been very noticeable recently.

The clinic will provide services and treatments along with adding new jobs to the area. It will also help reduce the traveling for many locals.
City officials say businesses like these are always a positive sign for a small town like Belpre.

They also hope it will help diversify the city.

Mayor, Mike Lorentz says a development is big for their town and not just because of the job opportunities. “Its exciting if you think about the medical facilities coming to town. Any jobs, whether it be many or few are jobs that we don’t have. So you are always glad to see those. With this option available to us, there will be, hopefully, younger people moving into the community, providing new services, the doctors, nurses, and lab technicians and so forth. So maybe we can turn that around and get a better mix.”

Construction is set to be done by late November to early December. Patients should be accepted by February 2018.

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