Bikers show support for American Legion Post 389

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BEVERLY, Ohio (WTAP): It's not often you see over 200 bikers gather together, and while it may seem like an intimidating scene, the reality couldn't be further from that.

"All bikers come together and, we all believe in the United States and we want to help our veterans and protect them and we want to protect our constitution and, that's kind of the biker thing," said Brad Webb, American Legion Post 389 member.

On Sunday, bikers from the Beverly, Ohio area stopped by the American Legion Post 389 for a dice run.

The riders pay an entry fee, roll the dice, and follow a 90 mile route going through various stops.

Legion members say dice runs have become a tradition in the motorcycling community to raise money.

"Without these events happening, our veterans, of course they don't a lot of support from our government, as much as what's needed, it's a great huge fundraiser to help get veterans what they need," said Webb.

The money raised goes into the American Legion's general fund, which they'll use throughout the year to write checks to different organizations.

"The money we raise goes towards the Fisher House, or Wounded Warrior programs, just different programs to help our veterans and disabled veterans," said Kevin Sams, director of American Legion Riders Post 389.

On top of the Fisher House, the American Legion donates to scholarship funds, such as the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

The Legacy Scholarship Fund was started by the American Legion Riders, and helps children who've lost parents in war.

Last year the riders donated $20,000 to the scholarship fund.

But riders say no matter which fund or organization their money goes towards, it's all going towards the same goal.

"When your heart's into it it makes it really easy," said Webb. "The whole point of it is we're helping the veterans out."

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