Blues in the schools stops by Wirt. Co Middle School

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PARKERSBURG, W.V. (WTAP) Members of the Blues in the Schools program stopped by Wirt County Middle School today.

Since 2002, the Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society of the Mid-Ohio Valley has presented Blues in the Schools, a program aimed to teach middle school children about the beauty and history of music.

Reverend Robert Jones, the music educator of the event, has traveled all across the globe to share his passion of music, especially the blues, with students.

He says the event helps build community, and allows kids to communicate.

"The idea is that kids of all ages need to be exposed to the beauty of American music, because when you really think about it that's the music that helped shape our country and it tells a story of who we are and where we come from," Jones said.

"We are really about the idea of building community, and when you understand another persons music, you understand something about them."

Jones will be hosting a benefit show at Marietta High School Auditorium this Friday night at 7 pm. Entrance into the family friendly show costs $5 per person.