Parkersburg businesses prepared for flooding

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP)- Here in Parkersburg, residents and businesses near rivers took precautions just in case waters did rise to major flood stages.

Businesses like DeBarr Trucking Company, which is located right off the Little Kanawha River, started preparing on Friday.

In fear of the high waters, they drove trucks to higher lots, moved equipment and tools off floors, and called owners that rent camping spaces behind the company to move their campers.

The owner says everyone was able to get their campers and belongings out ahead of time.

The company has been through flooding in years past and since then have upgraded their facilities to reduce damages.

Dennis DeBarr, Vice President of DeBarr Trucking, explains the types of upgrades they made in regards to flooding. "A lot of havoc outside and work to prepare but fortunately it did not come in. We made out shop so that everything up 4-5 foot is water proof, just needs -before water gets in; where we don't get our insulation wet, and so on and so forth. All of our receptacles are like this high, not down by the floor. And water hasn't been a real problem but the 'what-ifs' really worry you. It could really be expensive."

The owners said they are not too worried about the upcoming rains and hopes it will wash away the debris and residue from the residing waters.

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