Businesses recover after flooding in Marietta

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- Businesses on Front Street like Jeremiah’s coffee house and twisted sister’s boutique both had to prepare for potential flooding.

Jeremiah’s says it started preparing Friday by putting sandbags out front and moving furniture upstairs.

“With all the employees here, we were able to box up stuff that was important. And then Sunday evening we took the next step and put sandbags out just to be safe. Because this is our first time in a flood,“ says Liz Johnson, owner of Jeremiah’s Café.

With their building on a slab and no basement, they say they got lucky. For twisted sisters, it is another story.

Their basement started flooding Friday night.

“I want to say about 12-16 inches of water when we got here Saturday morning, on the floor, the basement floor. And then it just kept coming up,” says Becky Pritchett, owner of Twisted Sisters.

Flooding that happened 15 years ago in 2004 helped them know what to expect.

By having a business close to the river, many merchants know what to look for and have a few tricks up their sleeve.

"When we got our counters and stuff, we were like, let’s be thoughtful of this happening and put all the wheels on refrigerators and the oven and all that stuff so it was easier to access and get it out," says Johnson.

Twisted sisters say their trick is to write water levels and times on its stairwell to judge the flood waters.

"We will probably start writing more things on the wall there. People are moving in and out of places all the time so if it's in the building, it’s not like a piece of paper they forgot to leave or whatever," says Pritchett.

Many of Front street business owners say they relied on another for help to get through the flooding and saw many from the community lend a hand as well.

Pritchett says, “It’s just the kindness of people that just know your downtown and know that you might be flooding, and they just show up!”

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