C8 litigants oppose Trump Administration nominee for EPA post

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-(WTAP) A Trump Administration nominee to regulate the chemical industry is coming under fire from environmental groups.

Michael Dourson's nomination to head the EPA's Chemical Safety Division has raised concern by those involved in the case against DuPont over C8, that resulted in a settlement earlier this year.

News outlets, including NBC, report Dourson was a consultant for DuPont when it was facing litigation over the effects of the chemical, also known as PFOA.

"He suggested a standard for PFOA that was 50 to150 times less protective, than even the standard DuPont had around that same time," Dr. Sarah Vogel, Vice-President for Health with the Environmental Defense Fund, said Monday. "Ultimately, when the EPA issued a standard, Dr. Dourson's standard was thousands of times less protective than what we see today."

Dourson currently is a toxicologist with the University of Cincinnati.

He has not yet had a Senate confirmation hearing.