Camden Clark's Cuddler Program helps infants recover from drug withdrawal

Camden Clark Medical Center has a new Cuddler Program to care for and comfort infants going through drug withdrawal.

The program trains volunteers to hold and nurture babies exposed to drugs in the womb.

Camden Clark says all babies born to moms who tested positive for drug use are tested for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or NAS.

The hospital says nearly 25% of women delivering babies there test positive for drugs.

The babies with NAS can require up to seven weeks of hospital care.

Camden Clark Foundation Director, Kim Couch, says cuddling helps babies with NAS to heal and grow.

"A wonderful way to treat a baby who is being treated for that is to swaddle them tightly. And the tighter you hold them, the better they feel. They're inconsolable. They're crying excessively. You'll see yawning and sneezing. I mean, all babies yawn and sneeze, but this would be excessive. And the volunteers are providing that one-on-one care.”

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