Case of Rabies Confirmed in W.Va

PARKERSBURG W.Va (WTAP)- After a confirmed case of rabies was found in a raccoon in Morgantown W.Va, the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department discusses possible symptoms of the disease.

When examining pets, they say to look for general neurological issues, confusion, unusual aggression, and foaming at the mouth. Immediate treatment for potential exposure to the disease includes cleaning the wound and the possibility of rabies vaccination.

“Really the best thing people can do to avoid rabies is to stay away from wild animals; not to feed wild animals. Any type of, or to have your pets vaccinated," instructs Tyger Kirk, the Regional Epidemiologist for the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department.

The health department notes that the single case of rabies is not a major cause for concern, but recommends keeping an eye on pets and being mindful of possible symptoms.

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