Cat rescued in Belpre after being trapped in 7-foot deep well for a week

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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - A stray cat is lucky to be alive after surviving for possibly a week trapped in a well under a house on 5th Street in Belpre.

Today, it's recovering after a heroic rescue by local volunteers.

The rescue unfolded about 9:30 A.M. Wednesday, after residents of a home on 5th Street in Belpre called the Humane Society of The Ohio Valley, saying they could hear a cat crying underneath their house.

Rescuers made several attempts to reach the female cat before cutting a hole in the top portion of the well to get access.

Then Humane Society volunteer Liz Stingley crawled under the house and into the 7-foot-deep well to complete the rescue.

A Humane Society spokesman says the cat, which is about 3-years-old, is expected to be OK.

Humane Society Officer John McIntire explains why the homeowner thinks the cat was trapped in the well for a week:

"She heard it a week ago. And then she didn't hear it anymore, so she thought, you know, that it was just under the house. And then she heard it again this morning or last night and realized it was still in there. So we had to get it out of there."

it will be checked out by a veterinarian, then spayed and eventually put up for adoption.

A member of the Belpre Fire Department and Sergeant Kelly McGilton of the Washington County Sheriff's Office helped with the rescue.

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