Charitable donation provides new body armor for K9s

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio (WTAP)- Thanks to a charitable donation from a non-profit organization, Washington County Sheriff K9s now have their own body armor.

The department partnered with 'Vested Interest in K9s' which donated two customized vests for the lucky K9s Watson and Beauford.

These bullet and stab protected vests cost around $2,000 dollars each.

Deputies say they are appreciative of the donation and see many benefits coming from the partnership, including better safety for their team members.

Chief Deputy Mark Warden, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, states the benefits not only for the department but for the dogs as well. "For the benefits for the dogs, it would be invaluable. If the dogs are ever in, and they do, they get in scare situations at times because they are in the front. The tracking dog, like I said, a Bloodhound takes the front. Normally they are on top of the suspect, before anyone else gets up there. It's just like any other officer out there working the street; you want to go home as much as that dog wants to go home."

Authorities say 'Vested Interest in K9s' gets the money for vests like these from generous donations and grants.

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