Charleston man arrested after hijacking ambulance with medic inside

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CHARLESTON, WV (WSAZ) - UPDATE: 11/01/2017, 10:35 A.M.

Kanawha County, WV Sheriff's deputies have released the name of a man who hijacked an ambulance with a medic inside on Tuesday night in Charleston.

Scotty Levon Marshall, 40, of Charleston, is charged with 2nd degree robbery.

According to a release, an ambulance was transporting Marshall, who is a mental patient, to a hospital in Bluefield Tuesday night after he was committing himself after being evaluated at Charleston General.

The man called 911 from his cell phone on I-64 and claimed he was hallucinating and was being kidnapped in the back of the ambulance.

According to deputies, he got out of his restraints near the 96 mile marker and began attacking a female medic in the back and punching her in the face and body.

The driver stopped the ambulance to help, exiting the driver door and opening the back doors of the ambulance.

Marshall then slid through the passage from the patient area into the driver's seat.

The driver was unable to get back into the driver’s seat from the outside.

Marshall drove away leaving the driver of the ambulance left stranded on the interstate.

The female medic was still in the back of the ambulance with the rear doors open as the vehicle drove away.

Deputies say at some point Marshall stopped and the medic jumped out of the back of the ambulance.

The patient drove the ambulance through Charleston, calling 911 again to report his alleged kidnapping.

Charleston Police intercepted the vehicle Marshall was taken into custody.

He was taken back to Charleston General where deputies say he fought with six members of staff and law enforcement.

Marshall was taken to South Central Regional Jail after being evaluated and released from the hospital.

He is being held on a $100,000 cash only bond.

UPDATE: 10/31/17, 11:05 P.M.

Police say a patient who hijacked an ambulance Tuesday night in Kanawha County was being transferred to a drug facility in Bluefield, West Virginia, when he thought he was being kidnapped.

The man struggled with a female attendant in the rear of the ambulance, according to Charleston Police. The driver, a man, stopped near the Belle exit on Interstate 77.

When that man went to the rear to help his partner, the patient climbed into the front and took off -- leaving the man on the road.
The man who hijacked the ambulance eventually stopped and let the female attendant out. The man claims he called police, telling them he was driving the ambulance after an attempted kidnapping.

Police stopped the ambulance in downtown Charleston on Virginia Street between Summers and Capitol streets.

No one was hurt.

The ambulance was operated by Priority Ambulance Service.

It is unknown at this time what possible charges the suspect faces.

ORIGINAL STORY: 10/31/2017

A patient hijacked an ambulance Tuesday night in Kanawha County, Metro 911 dispatchers say.

Law enforcement managed to stop the driver in downtown Charleston. That was after a police pursuit, including on Interstate 77. It is unknown at this time where the pursuit started.

Dispatchers say the driver of the ambulance took off with another crew member inside. That crew member was let go before the pursuit ended.

Dispatchers said the ambulance was operated by Priority.

It is unknown at this time what charges the suspect faces.

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