Parkersburg City Council rejects election changes

PARKERSBURG W.Va (WTAP)- Community members at the Parkersburg City Council meeting Tuesday night gave passionate feedback, with the majority opposing the at large election system.

Their reasoning included diluting the candidate pool, council members potentially being disconnected from their districts, and losing the presence of local city council members in the community.

The other major item discussed included the names that appear on the ballot would be without political party designation.

Community members voiced their opinion in this issue as well with the majority saying that they think the political party affiliation of a council member is fundamental in evaluating the values and decision-making abilities of that council member.

Keep in mind though; the ordinances tonight were not to leave the decision up to city council members themselves, but to allow the public to decide how they would like to elect council members.

The nonpartisan ordinance was rejected, while the ordnance to allow citizens to decide on implementing at large elections died for lack of seconding.

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