UPDATE: Body of lost dog found in Washington County

CUTLER, Ohio (WTAP) - UPDATE: 09/02/17

The search ended on Friday.

Bella's body was found in a farm area in Cutler hundreds of feet away from the accident.

A family spokesperson says Bella's remains will be cremated.


Amber Frash, 32, and David Correll, 32, were on their way to Bartlett, Ohio Saturday afternoon when they got into a bad car accident.

They were traveling west on Route 550 to the home of Frash's parents when Frash says a car sped up to get around them. Then that car drove slow in front of them, so Correll and Frash sped up to pass them. During that attempt, Frash says somehow both cars made contact and their car went off the road and crashed into a ditch near Union Cemetery Road in Cutler around 3:30 last Saturday afternoon. The car was ultimately totaled.

They had two dogs in the car. Bella, a 6-year-old Mini Australian Shepherd who's partially blind and totally deaf, jumped out of the car window and ran off into a nearby cornfield.

"She's our baby," Frash said.

"I've had her for 6 years and she never leaves my side she's not normally more than 10 feet away from me she sleeps in our bed with us she's she's like our child."

Bella is 27 lbs. and all white with black spots on her shoulders.

Frash is a sign language interpreter, which allowed her to communicate with Bella. She advises to not go up to Bella if you see her because she'll most likely run away. She said she's shy and timid.

Frash, who grew up in Washington County and now lives in Cleveland, said she's grateful for all of the support from her hometown.

"Many people are reaching out. There are people that are donating to a GoFundMe account to help bring in tracking dogs to help find her so I can't believe how many people are being supportive and I've never met them and they just want to help bring her home too."

If you do see Bella, you can contact the family at 740-551-2173.

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