Cold weather might have kept DUI's down over New Year's weekend

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oh.-(WTAP) The cold weather this past weekend may have been a factor in fewer DUI cases over the New Year's weekend.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office reported two arrests on New Year's Eve, when temperatures plunged into the single digits.

During the weekend that began Friday night and ended Monday, there was one arrest reported for both the Washington County Sheriff's office and the Marietta Police Department.

And while the Ohio State Highway Patrol had six arrests for OVI (operation of a vehicle while under the influence) during the weekend, that was down from nine in 2016.

"Weather could have been a worse contributing factor for an impaired driver, having not only to drive impaired under normal circumstances, but yet under severe circumstances such as the snow and the cold weather," said Lt. Chris Chesar of the patrol's Marietta post.

And as we reported over the weekend, there was one fatal accident reported late Saturday afternoon in Wood County.

That crash remains under investigation.