Commissioner seeks 1% Wood County sales tax

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) A few years ago, the cities of Parkersburg and Vienna all received home rule when it came to sales tax.

Now, Wood County is hoping for the same.

Home rule would, among other things, allow Wood County to enact a 1% sales tax, just like what cities in the county how have.

Wood County has, in recent years, approved annual budgets with little increase from the year before.

In March, it raised levy rates for the current budget year, for the first time in years.

But Commission President Blair Couch believes a sales tax is more fair than property taxes.

"Because that falls upon the property owners," Couch says, "it falls upon those who rent property; their rent will go up. The 1% sales tax means if someone comes shopping from Wirt County, from Washington County and (Wood) County, they also pay."

Couch hopes to speak to lawmakers about home rule during the current legislative session.

The cities of Parkersburg, Vienna and Williamstown all currently have a 1% sales tax.

An identical tax in Wood County would simply make it uniform county-wide.