DUI simulation held at Parkersburg High School

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Dozens of Parkersburg High School students experienced what it feels like when you drink and drive, thanks to a DUI simulator brought to the school.

The simulator comes from the "State of West Virginia department of revenue alcohol beverage control administration."

In three years’ time the traveling simulator will visit every high school in West Virginia. The coordinator, Daniel Pickens, spoke to drivers education students before they went in the simulation to let them know how it worked and to cover DUI laws.

"It gives the ability, it gives the individual the ability to drive completely sober for a short period and the further the person drives, the more intoxicated they become. And how that's accomplished is it changes the breaking and the steering to take away hand eye coordination, reaction time, fine motor skills, all the things that alcohol impairs, it does through the mechanics of the machine." He says.

In the simulation, deer, dogs, pedestrians or accidents play a role to force the students to react. Pickens says students respond very well to the exercise and learn a lot.

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