Democrats, Republicans weigh in on U.S. SUPCO nominee

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-(WTAP) While President Trump's supreme court nominee met Tuesday with Republican Senate leaders, Democrats warned his confirmation courl lead to changes in issues such as reproductive rights for women.

That, based on his rulings as an appeals judge.

West Virginia Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, however, believes
the real change will be in the direction of the court.

"What we're going to see is a court that respects Congress's ability to make laws, and also in the long history of the Constitution," Capito said "I think somebody who adheres to that is going to be in the best interests of West Virginias."

The region's two Democrats, however, were also concerned about how a court that tips to the right might rule on the Affordable Care Act.

The Supreme Court previously upheld its constitutionality, but another suit has challenged it.

"There are literally 7 million Ohioans who could lose their insurance if it's denied due to preexisting conditions," said Sen. Sherrod Brown. "We changed those laws a decade ago, and this Supreme Court seems close to wanting to take those protections away."

"There are 800,000 West Virginians who, if the lawsuit my opponent and others have filed," said Sen. Joe Manchin, "Texas Vs. The United States, goes through, and (the Department of Justice) backs off, could be in jeopardy."

Manchin is referring to state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who predicted in a news conference Tuesday Manchin will vote to confirm nominee Brett Cavanaugh, saying "Manchin's political survival depends on it."

(Capito and Brown spoke to our Washington, D.C. bureau)