Get your car prepared for winter weather and freezing temperatures

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - With temperatures dropping to single digits overnight, it may be a good time for vehicle owners to winterize their cars and trucks.

One thing to test is the antifreeze content in your radiator. A salesman at O'Reilly Auto Parts says if the coolant is not a fifty fifty mix it will freeze.

He says O'Reilly’s can check and change the fluid to make sure it's at the correct levels. He also says good tire pressure assures better traction on slippery roads, so monitor that this winter as well.

Windshield wiper fluid may also be a problem in current temperatures. Ted Rarey says some wiper fluid guarantees that it won't freeze in 32 degree weather, which doesn't help for these single digit days. He says you can buy wiper fluid that works down to -20 degrees.

Another tip is to leave your wipers up, off the dashboard, so they won’t freeze to the windshield, causing tears in the rubber or bends in the wipers once you turn them on.

Rarey says O’Reilly’s will test batteries, antifreeze, tires and bands for you, to make sure you’re prepared for winter. They also sell wipers, ice scrapers, wiper fluid, batteries and antifreeze.

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