Downtown Marietta businesses move back in

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- “You have to have a plan because you live in a river town you are going to see the river,” says Michael Mullen, owner of Over the Moon Pizzeria.

After days of preparation for what looked to be major flooding, merchants in downtown Marietta appear to be moving back in.

“As it turns out, no flood. But you know, better safe than sorry,” says Mullen.

While many hoped for the best but prepared for the worst, local merchants are taking the flood scare as an opportunity to get a head start in spring cleaning and better their judgment for next time.

Sylvi Caporale , owner of American Flags and Poles, explains their plans after waiting for the potential of a second round of flooding. “This past week we have just been waiting it out and then when you remodel or you do a renovation there are a lot of details to pay attention too. We decided to take the carpet up and get ready for a new look when we get our product back in our store. Today [Sunday] we are working on painting. We hope everything dries quickly and if the floods waters are not going to come in then we’ve got arrangements for carpet to come in probably Tuesday night or Wednesday right after we know the cresting is over.”

Mullen states, “I think we learned how to be prepared and to move all our equipment in a logical progression.”

Merchants are now looking for those familiar helping hands once again as they move inventory and get their business back on its feet.
“It’s easy to get volunteers to move things out. Sometimes it’s a little harder to get people to help move us back in. but they will come. They always do and we are very blessed to have those friendships,” says Caporale.

“And we’ve really seen Just a herculean effort from volunteers in the community and folks here both Friday and today. Marietta high school and Marietta College and folks just walking in off the streets saying ‘hey what can I do?’ Thankfully we had a great community that pulled together and is still pulling together right now,” says Mullen.

City officials are asking those traveling in the downtown areas to take caution when driving and give merchants space as they move their belongings.

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