Downtown eateries looking forward to offering dining outside their restaurants

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) The passage of an outdoor dining ordinance Tuesday has downtown Parkersburg restaurants looking forward to serving customers outdoors.

Downtown restaurants like Mango's Latin Bistro believe serving food and drinks on the sidewalks in front of their establishments will help increase downtown business.

Mango's says it has wanted to expand for awhile to expand its patios to serve more customers outdoors.

"It's not a happy feeling at that moment, and then they're OK with it," says Owner Tere Clegg.. "They realize it's not the restaurants themselves, it's what the law is. So now, they're going to be really happy they're going to be able to sit outside and enjoy a drink, enjoy their evening and have a good time."

Parkersburg City Council approved the measure after making some changes to allow sidewalk space for pedestrians and people using wheelchairs.

Mango's and the nearby Parkersburg Brewing Company say they plan modifications to their outdoor areas before warm weather returns next spring.