Drones help law enforcement find evidence

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) Tuesday, Washington County Sheriff, Larry Mincks, said the use of a drone was a key component in the success of catching the New Matamoras murder suspect.

Now the question is, how?

One of the reserve deputies has his own personal drone that the department uses from time to time.

Tuesday it was used to scan the area in which the suspected murder weapon was found.

Drones are being used more often because they are a cheaper option compared to a helicopter.

The drone was able to detect evidence that could not be picked up from photos taken from the ground, which advanced the case.

"Sometimes standing and taking pictures this way, or straight down, won't give you the whole aspect of what maybe happened. We can go two feet or 200 feet above and it gives you a much better idea of a top down look at potential evidence that could be found," says Washington County Sheriff reserve deputy, Davis Powers.

The drone can fly up to 399 feet and they only fly it during the day.

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