Eclipse in the MOV

On Monday August 21st the "Great American Eclipse" will begin across the United States. The MOV will experience partial eclipse of the sun for almost 3 hours.

The eclipse will start in the MOV at 1:07, with maximum eclipse occuring at 2:34 and ending at 3:55. At the most the mid ohio valley will see 87 percent totality.

A solar eclipse is a rare and striking phenmenon that you absolutely should not miss. That being said, viewing an eclipse should be done safely.
Protecting your eyes is of the utmost priority. Solar eclipse glasses are available for purchase both online and around the MOV. But they are getting harder to find. Make sure you get yours immediately.
If you purchases glasses online, you must make sure that the glasses are ISO certified with the number 12312-2.Sadly many fake eclipse glasses are being sold online for a quick buck, so make sure you aren't taken with a fake web link.
Sunglasses are not sufficient protection by any means.Do not use a camera, binoculars, or a telescope to look at the eclipse unless you have the proper solar filter on the lens.

You can also use the classic pinhole projector method. To do that you just need two sheets of paper, or paper and thin sheet of cardboard. Then you take a pin tack and poke a hole through the cardboard. once you do that you simply stick the cardboard towards the sun without looking at the sun, and cover your other sheet from far away and youll see the image of the eclipse on the paper.

If you can't get outside during the Great American Eclipse, you can watch it LIVE as it happens on our Pinpoint weather channel and on our live stream at

Regardless of how you choose to view the eclipse, give yourself breaks in between and dont forget to be aware of your surroundings.