Exchange Students visit local schools for the day

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP)- Students at Blennerhassett Middle School, as well as all over the Mid-Ohio Valley, were learning about other cultures from around the world but not through a typical text book.

Students in the American Field Service, also known as AFS, visited numerous regional schools to share about their experience as an exchange student.

Kaila Borgards, a German exchange student, explains what they did at the school. “So we drove down here and we are at this middle school and then we present to each class a presentation about our country. For example since I’m from Germany, I made a presentation about Germany, and each period we presented once. Then each of us present our presentations and we give the students a possibility to ask us questions. We just hope that we are able to encourage them to maybe get involved in the exchange program.”

A total of forty two students, representing 20 countries, came to the United States at the beginning of the school year to not only learn and experience American culture but to share about theirs as well.

Blennerhassett Middle School Social Studies teacher, Chris Lewis, shared the benefits of having the exchange students come to his classroom and talk about their culture. “It gives my kids the opportunity to see something outside of what they would normally see. They have access to a lot of technology that gives them a lot of information but not all of it is totally true. So this gives them direct contact to solid information from people who actually live in these countries.”

From hearing what they love about their experience, Borgards says, “The classes have been really different. Some of them have been super into it and ask a lot of questions, it was really fun. There was one class that we went outside with them for a couple minutes and then they showed us a game. I think it’s called four squares and that was pretty fun.”

To what have learned.

Sorami Ikoma, Japanese exchange student, says “I was interested in study abroad and also I love traveling. I wanted to improve my English also.

The year in America has been full of exciting things for each one of them.

The AFS students and volunteers will host an orientation session at 11:30 am in the basement of the first Unitarian Universalist Society fellowship hall in Marietta on Saturday January 13th.

It will last until 6:30 in the evening as the students engage in group activities and share about their experience.

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