Facebook Visits the Mid Ohio Valley

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - Social Media giant, Facebook chose The Mountain State as their first location in the country to hold their workshop. The workshop was open to the public and educated attendees on how they can control what appears on their newsfeed. Tucker Bounds of Facebook talked about why West Virginia was chosen.
“Well we wanted to find a good place to start where there is a community of people that we could get in front of and take some real questions and take feedback back to headquarters and so West Virginia seemed as good a place as any to start and we’ve been excited to be here.” During the presentation, tips were given how to control who and what appears on your newsfeed.
After the presentations, attendees were able to ask about the newsfeed itself. One question asked was how Facebook plans to keep Russian interference out of the upcoming midterm elections.Bounds replied with: “Well as I mentioned I’ve been at the company for a long time and I’ve never seen us work harder on a single thing, trying to ensure the integrity of the elections that are happening and people’s interface with their elected officials, it’s the most important thing. So as we continue to work on that, we also know that one of the biggest levers, one of the most powerful things we have is the community of people that are on Facebook can help us solve these problems we want to make sure the people on Facebook are who they say they are and are doing things that are additive to the experience of all the people who use Facebook.”

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