Farmers Market on Front Street now open each Tuesday in Marietta

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - If you’re in need of some farm-fresh produce in the Mid-Ohio Valley, you’re in luck.

Marietta Main Street kicked off their second season of Farmers Market on Front Street Tuesday morning.

The market is an opportunity for vendors to reach a wider audience mid-week, and for farmers to sell produce at its peak of freshness.

But you can find a lot more than produce at the Farmer’s Market on Front Street, as vendor Lori Sayre explains:

"We have a little bit of art stuff. My daughter is the artist in the family. She is only 16 but she's very talented. She makes the farm window paintings. We'll have some of those as the season goes, these little tiles and trivets, and we like to upcycle on the farm."

Even unique gifts, like the custom leather belts and coin rings at Rick Gorham's booth:

"Here's a really cool thing is the Morgan Silver Dollar, a 140 year old coin in perfect condition, and I can make a his and hers coin out of this."

And the farmer’s market has a sneak peak at the new bakery coming to town, the Slice of Life.

Bakery owner Rebecca Hall says: "We'll offer some cupcakes a few variety of cakes, cake pops, a lot of custom orders and such, so like birthday cakes, hopefully down the line, wedding cakes."

The Farmers Market on Front Street will be open from 10 A.M.-12 P.M. each Tuesday, until August 29th, at the Lafayette Hotel parking lot.

if you’re a food producer, grower, or artistic creator and would like more information on selling products at the Farmers Market on Front Street, you can contact market manager Laura Pytlik at

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