Fenton Factory Bricks On Sale

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WILLIAMSTOWN, W. Va. (WTAP) - The Fenton Art Glass Factory had stood in Williamstown since 1907.
Flash forward 111 years later and you can now own part of the building.

The factory which started to go through demolition in November of last year, is now just some rubble on an open lot.
That doesn’t mean that the rich history of the factory itself is lost for good.
The Fenton Gift Shop, is selling bricks from the factory including some from the original building built back in 1907.

James Measell, the Fenton Historian talks about the attractiveness of purchasing a brick.
“Well, lots of people; local people and former employees and Fenton collectors all across the country were interested in having a ‘Piece of the Place’ and the place was Fenton Art Glass and the Fenton Gift Shop where they were used to coming for many, many years so we decide to when we could make those bricks available.”

The profit from the bricks goes towards preservation and digitization of important Fenton records.

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