Firefighters in Marietta participate in annual Confined Space Rescue training

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- Up north in Marietta, firefighters started their 3 day Confined Space Rescue training.

The annual training includes classroom education and an 8 hour refresher course.

Refresher courses include 2 different types of scenarios and certify responders not only in confined space rescue operations but also in hazmat responses and rope access.

It is taught by instructors from Cleveland State University as well as O’Brian Safety Services.

O’Brien Safety Services also provides the confined space trailer where firefighters undergo multiple scenarios like they would in an actual emergency.

Captain Rodney Scott, of the Marietta Fire Department, explains what first day training looked like. “We do some classroom training and we practicing tying knots and stuff that we would use in our confined space rescue. And then we come out here and the instructors give us scenarios and we practice doing it hands on, as you can see in the background. We are actually simulating right now that somebody is in a tank and needed rescued and our guys are setting up systems and everything needed to go in and try to rescue that person.”

Firefighters say the training is important to learn due to the numerous industrial structures in the area.

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