First Energy crews prepare for winter

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WEST VIRGINIA-(WTAP) If the holiday season is under way, can winter be far behind?

Mon Power has been working to get ready for winter storms, and the power outages they bring.

The company in recent weeks has been checking and making repairs on its substations, transmission lines and equipment.

It's a preventative measure ensuring that, even if there is an outage, repairs can be made as soon as possible.

"We want to take care of these things in an orderly fashion," says Todd Meyers, First Energy spokesman. "We don't want components to break in the dead of night, on a sub-zero evening, and then we're scrambling and looking for the problem. Invariably, it will be on a weekend or a time where it's difficult to get our folks mobilized."

The work includes helicopter inspections on 2,100 miles of transmission lines, and tree trimming that takes place year round.

First Energy's Mon Power division serves more than 30 West Virginia counties.