Flooding closes roads and pushes people out of homes

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- With all the flooding this weekend, businesses and residents in Marietta are preparing for the worst.

High water has resulted in the closing of busy streets like Front, Second, Greene and Putnam so businesses and and residents can safely move their belongings.

Some downtown businesses put sandbags in front of their buildings to prepare for the flooding.

Others along the river began moving to higher ground Friday night.

Members of the Washington County Fairgrounds board say they started preparing late last night but were still shocked by how quickly the water rose.

Board member Erica Biehl said:

“We have contacted people that are storing boats and campers down here to let them know, right now, there is no immediate danger, for them to come down and pull (their items) out. We have moved everything up to higher ground and higher levels to keep it from being affected in any way. We were really surprised at how high it came up. We were down here last night cleaning out the Fair Board office and moving stuff around. We really never thought that it was ever going to get up as high as what it is.”

Board members say they haven't seen the water this bad since 2005.

The city of Marietta is providing sand at the Parking Partners lot on Second Street.

Meanwhile, W.Va. Gov. Jim Justice declared a state of emergency for all 55 counties in West Virginia on Saturday.

The West Virginia National Guard has also been notified and is on standby to help out emergency personnel.

According to the Washington Emergency Management Agency, 11 people in Washington County have been displaced from their homes and directed to the Red Cross.

The Wood County 911 Center reports one person was displaced by the flooding and says authorities are assisting anyone who needs help finding shelter because of flooding.

Parkersburg hasn't seen the Ohio River rise up over 40 feet since 2005.

The river is expected to crest around 39 feet by Sunday.

Drone footage by Brown Owl Imaging

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