For now, tax returns not greatly affected by government shutdown

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BELPRE, Oh.-(WTAP) Before the federal government shutdown ended Monday, there was concern about how it would affect processing of federal income tax returns.

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The Internal Revenue Service, like most government agencies, is back at work.

But the budget resolution approved by Congress only keeps the government funded for a few more weeks.

That means another shutdown could slow down processing of returns-and, more importantly to taxpayers, refunds.

One tax preparer we've spoken to says that's a good reason to start on your taxes as soon as possible.

"We keep doing what we're doing," says Deborah Randolph, a tax advisor for H&R Block. "As long as it's electronically filed, the electronic process continues, but it could slow down the refunds. Use your tax professional, because we're the ones who can get through this, and bridge the gap for you. So get your stuff together, get your appointment made, and get in and see us.">

The shutdown that ended Monday did not affect processing of tax returns, since the IRS does not begin accepting them until January 29th.

One thing not likely to change, shutdown or not, is the deadline for filing those tax returns: April 17th this year.