Fourth of July fireworks and four-legged friends

BELPRE, OH (WTAP)- While Independence Day is a time for celebration with family and friends, some furry members of the family might not enjoy the evening.

Terry Klingenberg is a Belpre dog owner with a rescue named Bailey. Klingenberg takes major precautions to make sure bailey is comfortable during storms and fireworks.

She says that Bailey will bark, get anxious and want to be held during the holiday. She also says that she gives Bailey a storm pill that makes her drowsy, puts essential oils on her paws, and wraps her in a thunder shirt to try to soothe her.

“She’s such a loving dog and she loves to be around people, but she’s scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, you name it. It’s sad when you’re a dog owner that you really don’t like the fourth of July, and you really don’t like New Year’s Eve because fireworks usually happen both of those times. So, I don’t really like them, but I deal with them. So usually 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, you’ll find me here with my dogs,” notes Terri Klingenberg.

Klingenberg recommends keeping pets inside during 4th of July fireworks to protect their sensitive hearing.

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