Freeze warning strikes fear in farmers

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BEVERLY, Ohio (WTAP) - Freezing temperatures have caused delays in some of this year’s local harvests, and another freeze warning is expected Tuesday night.

Local farmers are having to delay harvests of some crops, and sales.

A local orchard may even be losing produce because of the drastic change in temperatures.

The warm weather earlier this year caused buds to begin to bloom, but with Monday night’s frost some of those buds have been burned, meaning they are a loss for this year, and growers will have to plant new buds next year.

According to Tom Witten, part-owner of Witten Farms, even produce that enjoys the cooler temperatures has had them concerned, temperatures Saturday dropped below 20 degrees.

The heat is expected to rise, but if it does not, it could mean a shortage for certain items this coming season.

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