Group aims to allow local teachers to carry firearms

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MARIETTA, Oh,-(WTAP) After the February school shootings in Florida, President Trump proposed arming teachers to increase school security.

And a parents group based in Marietta wants to see that happen in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

It is holding a public meeting next Tuesday to discuss encouraging local schools to allow teachers to carry guns in school buildings.

Frontier Local Schools approved such a policy 18 months ago.

It is not suggesting all teachers should be armed, but one of the group's leaders believes those trained to carry guns could prevent another school tragedy.

"This may not be the perfect solution," says parent and organizer Emily Sams. "There may not be a perfect solution. All we know is, there's a safety issue, and this could potentially be a life-saving effort."

Sams says the idea has had mixed reactions from the community, with strong opinions on both sides of the issue.

The meeting will take place April 24th, at 6 :30 P.M., at the Souls Harbor Baptist Church, 115 Caywood Road, Marietta.