Has a "Level Three" snow alert ever been issued in Washington County?

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MARIETTA, Oh.-(WTAP) More snow means another round of snow emergencies issued for Ohio counties.

A rundown of those levels is available by going to the "Hot Button" on our home page.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says, in his 13 years in the office, he has not issued a "Level Three", the highest and most extreme of the snow emergencies.

"We have to take into consideration the entire county when we do something like that," the sheriff says. "It's hard to say 'this road, from this point to this point, is a level three', or the southern part of the county is a level three, and the northern (part) is not. It's difficult to issue something like that."

Sheriff Mincks says issuing a level three emergency would essentially be the same thing "as shutting down the entire county".

The emergency system applies only to the state of Ohio. West Virginia does not have such a system.

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