Hawaii: The day off on Oahu

Oahu Map

HONOLULU, HI (WTAP) - UPDATE from Kirk Greenfield on his Holiday Tours visit to Hawaii:

A day to ourselves as we go to click Diamond Head, swim at Waikiki Beach, explore the farmers market or shop on our own.

Some woke up at 6 a.m. HST to go climb up Diamond Head to enjoy the view in the cool of the morning. Returning by van before the breakfast buffet was done, we learned of their success.

Others went swimming in the hotel pool or across the street at Waikiki Beach. Some rented Goggle's and fins, to observe the small fish and marine life in the tidal pools behind the break wall! After an hour in the sun and surf, some returned to the room for a nap and lunch.

Late in the day, we strolled down to the farmers market and bought breakfast and late dinner. We bought fruit, salad, soap, jewelry and then watched the native fire dancers and hula dancers on the beach stage near the Duke statue. (You can find and watch the webcam online!)

Now we pack for the 45 minute flight to Kauai tomorrow morning. The island has been used for location shots for Jurassic Park and King Kong: Skull Island movies.

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