High school students learning basic financial skills

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BELPRE, Oh.-(WTAP) Local schools are increasingly teaching students the "do's and don'ts" of managing their personal finances.

Belpre City Schools is among those in the area with a course called "Financial Literacy".

It's based on lessons taught by financial talk show host Dave Ramsey.

Students learn about everything regarding basic money matters, such as managing a checking account and paying bills.

"The sophomores are very excited about it, but the seniors said 'I wish this had been offered sooner'," said teacher Debbie Edgar. "So I think, next year, we're going to get some freshmen involved. And we just received books for middle school. So we're going to start it in a couple of middle school classes this year."

Edgar says high school seniors already are being approached for credit card applications, so she believes the course is a must for them.

The Riverview Credit Union is a partner in the program.